Dedication to the Public

May 22, 2020

 We're waiving all of our rights to the technology and intellectual property we've created together and are releasing it all into the public domain under the Unlicense. All the code is on Github.

 We're doing this because the future we want to be in is the one where anyone can help build it.

Cyrus, Phillip and Kumail

List of works released:

    Holographic Videochat
      code is missing..

Important details:

 Releasing our code doesn’t mean it will make sense to everyone or that it is properly documented. Each work should be self-explanatory to a person with the right skill set.

 We think most of the value of this release is our waiver of our rights to whatever intellectual property we might have. We’re not claiming that everything we’ve made is novel or that it’s not already protected by someone else’s patent or copyright. But to the extent that it is novel, it now belongs to you and should be considered prior art, preventing anyone from restricting its use today or in the future.

[Waves hello to the U.S. Patent Office]

 We’ve created clean repositories for all of our released code to ensure we weren’t releasing any private information, licensed content (e.g. Unity assets) or information that would put our users at risk. This means that all the version history is missing and almost none of it will work out of the box.

 Some of our code is hacky, unreliable and incomplete. All of it was built with love.

 You’ll need to sign up for 3rd party services to run mosts of our software.

 A lot of our code uses libraries and packages which have their own licenses. Proceed accordingly.

 Unless otherwise specified, the photos on this website aren’t in the public domain. Those are ours to keep because they have our faces in them :-) Our trademarks (e.g. Online Town or Siempre) are also ours for now, to help people understand what they're using and who is behind it.

 This release doesn't affect any future work we might do or apply to any user-created content.

 We’re not promising or implying that we’ll be able to support anyone working on this problem or help them use our technology. Believe us. It's not easy. We wish it was.