San Bruno

At Siempre, we're huge fans of the city of San Bruno.

We wanted to show our appreciation for the city by mentioning some of the things we've enjoyed about our time working and living here for almost a year.

(This can also be seen as our case for why you should live here too)


The food in San Bruno is delicious. While we cooked almost all of our meals, we were always eager to make exceptions for some local dining:

Atlas Pizza Parlor

This is some of the best pizza we've had. Their specialties are their Indian Fusion options but even their plain cheese dish is delicious (Cyrus recommends substituting in their creamy garlic sauce). It's a heavy meal with lots of oil but always worth it.


If you're looking for Pakistani food, this is the place to go. (Cyrus loves their cheese naan).

Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

When you need healthy meals for the team and friends, look no further! Super delicious and lean enough to make us not feel bad about about ordering out. They're also really friendly.

Big Mouth Burger

The best burgers in town and with fries to match. If you live too close, you might just go there every day!

Morning Wood

With a mix of Japanese and Hawaiian food, their menu stands apart from most and the city knows it: the line always runs out the door. Be prepared to wait but know that the wait is worth it! They're also really big on brunch.

Best weather in the South Peninsula?

It's never as cold as San Francisco and never as hot as South Bay. We almost never put a jacket on to go outside and we never felt like we needed an air conditioner.

Great for running

Phillip and Cyrus love going on runs throughout San Bruno. The weather is great and there are a ton of parks and paths to choose from:

  • San Bruno City Park
  • San Andreas Lake Trail
  • Golden Gate National Cemetery
  • Just running around the suburbs

Access to nature

The city itself is really scenic and has green all over. We really appreciate being able to go outdoors here.

We're also only a few minutes drive from Pacifica State Beach and the San Bruno Mountain. The trail leads to some beautiful views of San Francisco, Daly City, Colma and the Pacific Ocean.

San Bruno is also in a strategic location with respect to the rest of the natural beauty the Bay Area has to offer (which is a lot).


Commuting in San Bruno couldn't get easier if they tried:

  • Walking distance to Caltrain
  • Walking distance to BART
  • Walking distance to bus
  • Walking distance to SFO (it's technically a three-mile walk but Kumail did it twice)
  • The closest point between both 280 and 101 is the city of San Bruno. They're connected by 380 and all three are within walking distance, meaning you can get onto the highway almost instantly.
  • Easy commute to SF (20-30 minutes depending on exact destination and traffic)
  • Easy commute into South Bay (30-60 minutes depending on exact destination and traffic)

Clean, safe, friendly

The suburbs that we lived in were spectacularly cozy. We talked to our neighbors, never worried about packages (which we had a lot of) and got plenty of peace and quiet.